BEAUTYSPOT - hair removal machine robot thingys

What are they? God knows how they actually work but I got these to avoid shaving and Londons waxing prices so I’ve been testing them out..

First I used the No No Hair which was 130 quid and it basically destroys (burns) the hairs off.

More recently I’ve been using the Tria Laser Hair Remover (that’s not a hair dryer) which destroys the hairs at the root with a laser.. after around 3 sessions the hairs on my legs are very sparse and hardly need shaving. It was a toppy £350 but has a lot more long term results which at 60 quid a wax is profit isn’t it?!

Winner - THE TRIA defo… the No No got sent back, it’s no more permanent than shaving and there’s still a lingering (singed nose hair when you light a fag) burning smell in the house. 

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