Stage 1 - Prepping your hair

Now unless your really jammy you probably need some extensions for this look, you don’t need to spend a million pounds just buy 2 or 3 rows of clip in hair extensions. You can get these from Topshop now or online.

Rough dry some mousse into your hair. Keep your front section nice and smooth though drying round a round brush.

Before you use new clip in extensions, put a bit of product in them, Surf Spray or mousse, and rough dry them too, so that they’re not too silky and you can work with them.

TOP TIP. Backcomb the small section of hair where you want the clip to sit, and spray with hair spray, so that they are in good and tight and easy to work on.

Add in the extensions… hopefully you have a similar texture in your hair as you do your extensions.. 


Now slightly dampen with a water spray (a tiny bit, really light mist) and braid your hair into loose pigtail bunches.. so u have two plaits :) If you have plenty of time, let these stay in as long as possible, if you’re in more of a rush, dry with a hair dryer and make sure you let them cool down properly before you take them out otherwise the bend wont stay.

Then.. If you want to create this look quite regularly then its worth investing in a bit of kit that will make it really easy.. You need a styling wand.. The best one out there is the Jose Ebor ceramic wand. They really are good and get sooo hot and you have to wear and embarrassing glove. Be careful, there are Jose Ebor fakes on Amazon etc so preferably buy from a department store. Alternatively Argos do cheaper ones!

Miley has created this look simply by picking up smaller sections from lower layers and wrapping round a wand, to create tighter curls, and then larger sections higher up to create looser curls.. 


Also, leave some hair out, you should have a good straight messy texture left over from the braids so be confident to leave almost half of the hair untouched other wise it will just start to look like a boring granny set.


This look doesn’t need a lot of product, try using a tiny bit of Tony and Guy Ressurection Dust. Hold your head upside down and give a light sprinkle… this stuff’s really strong so not too much, you’ll ruin all your hard work! But its really good for that ‘messy look’

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